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Plot OutlineT.V. Show
A bunch of people living on an island with polar bears.
Doctors and nurses in a high pressure environment with a guy named Jerry.
Five guys take up residence in a hall.
Teens and singing and a flying slushy.
Four women in a big city.
A family with a dog who likes a dry martini.
Lots of walking and talking in a big white house.
One woman's desperate attempt to work in Grace Bros. and not go over her hair dye budget.
Four people and a baby, hoping they don't screw her up.
Four people who have nothing in common except three of them live with a bigot
Six people, living near each other, in New York. Two are related.
These guys take these stories and try and prove their real or myths.
This guy goes to jail to get this other guy out and winds up running ... a lot.
A family that likes to yell and drink wine.
A guy running an inn with his wife and crazy people.
Plot OutlineT.V. Show
This guy thinks he's some kind of love god and his therapist thinks he's crazy.
Sisters getting their 'witchy' on.
A guy and his family. They like to sing and he has a thing for sweaters.
She's an anchorwoman on a news program and a Vice President said she was a bad influence.
Four women living together in Miami and eating cheesecake.
A cheerleader who is important and a guy who can do anything he sets his mind to.
Her husband cheated and now she has to be a good lawyer.
You have to answer a bunch of questions like this, only there you win money for knowing the question.
One man with three women in his life who he is married to.
This guy goes and does the most disgusting thing he can find.
A truck and a gun are enemies?
Everyone wants to walk through the big, giant ring.
Morgan Freeman was on it in the 70's.
Three mad British men chasing each other in cars.
She like to sell Mary, but only when it's right.

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