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Nerves to voluntary muscles, sensory receptors
Nerves to heart, blood vessels, smooth muscles glands
Incoming nerves
Outgoing nerves
Mobilizes bodily resources
'fight or flight' 
Conserves bodily resources
returns systems to normal 
fine muscle movement, balance
unconscious functions (respiratory, cardiac)
sleep and arousal (bridge)
Involved with hearing
Involved with vision
Sleep and wakefulness
sensory relay and integration station
Forebrain (diencephalon) 
feeding, fighting, fleeing, mating
Forebrain (diencephalon) 
no hunger if destroyed
eat excessively if destroyed
Loosely connected network; emotion, memory, motivation
Forebrain (telencephalon) 
Emotional expression
limbic system 
orients attack
limbic system 
regulates emotions
limbic system 
creates memory/ process
limbic system 
involuntary motor systems/ dopamine
Forebrain (telencephalon) 
visual signs/ visual processing
cerebral cortex 
auditory/language; emotional/ agressive
cerebral cortex 
sense of touch
cerebral cortex 
movement of muscles/ thought processes
cerebral cortex 
connected to spinal cord, regulates central nervous system
speech area of frontal lobe
language comprehension (word salad)

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