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Can you name the PLL characters with the following surnames?

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SurnameFirst NameHint
MontgomeryTrashed her fathers office
MontgomeryTeacher at Rosewood High School
MontgomeryCollege Professor
MontgomeryBroke into multiple houses
HastingsStole her sisters essay and used ir as her own
HastingsLawyer - Has son with Jessica
HastingsBlackmailed to wear the Black Swan costume
MarinArrested for shoplifting
MarinHit Wilden with her car
MarinMarried Isabel
MarinShoplifter's Grandmother
MarinFormerly Randall
FieldsForged a letter from a college scout
FieldsWorks in Rosewood Police Department
FieldsLieutenant Colonel
DilaurentisHad alias name Vivian Darkbloom
DilaurentisFormer member of the NAT club
DilaurentisBuried Alison the night she went missing
DilaurentisReal Estate Agent
DilaurentisTried to drown Alison when she was one
VanderwaalOriginal A
SurnameFirst NameHint
VanderwaalOriginal A's mother
CavanaughPolice Officer
CavanaughDied in Radley
MarshallWas blinded by Alison
Fitz/FitzgeraldOwner of The Brew
Fitz/FitzgeraldTried to pay Aria to break up with her son
Fitz/FitzgeraldKissed Aria
RiversGood at hacking
KahnBlackmailed his teacher
KahnPrevious answers brother
McCullersAlmost drowned Emily
McCullersPrevious answers father
CutlerEzras Ex
CutlerEzra thought he was his father
DrakeKilled Wilden
St. GermainEmily's first girlfriend
StoneMonas friend from Radley
WildenDead Police Detective
ThomasMarried Melissa
GottesmanTrashed Ali's Memorial
HolbrookPolice Office - Tanners Partner
SurnameFirst NameHint
HolbrookHolbrook's father
ReynoldsStole police evidence (Page 5)
ReynoldsHad a note under her ID bracelet when she was in the hospital
CampbellArrested for kidnapping the girls
HarveyWas held in the Doll House
HobbsHanna's Ex-Boyfriend
TannerState Police Lieutenant
CalderonPolice Officer - Likes Alison
AckardHanna's boyfriend in season 1
CooganEmily's boyfriend in season 1
RandallHanna's Step-Sister
YoungGirl from Radley
SorensonHad an affair with Byron
StraussHas a heart condition
StraussPrevious answers father
FringKilled by Aria
DriscollNew member of the swim team
SantiagoWorked at the Rosewood Country Club
StavrosSpencer's drug abuse counselor
LambNurse at Radley

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