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Can you name the Pokemon - Red, Blue and Yellow versions?

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Year of Red and Blue's release in America.
Fire starter (and not the song).
Leader of the Fuchsia City Gym.
What does TM28 teach?
Ghost type obtainable only through trading.
Director of the game.
Level of Lance's Dragonite.
Clefairy evolves with a _______ Stone.
Yellow was based off the...
Level that Articuno learns Blizzard.
Feline Pokemon exclusive to Blue Version.
This is in your PC at the beginning of the game.
You need this ability to get to the Power Plant.
One of the character designers; Ken ______.
Pikachu's voice in Yellow version.
Pinsir's type.
Ivysaur evolves into Venusaur at level...
Rapidash was originally going to be called...
Glitch found by Cinnabar Island.
Mewtwo's starting level.

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