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Questions about the first MK movie.

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What year was the movie released?
Who directed the film?
Who played Liu Kang?
Liu enters the tournament to avenge who?
Liu defeats Reptile with this move.
Kano was originally Japanese/American, before the film changed him to what?
Johnny Cage's sensei; Master ____.
Johnny saw him fight in London, he was great.
True or False? Sandra Hess played Sonya Blade in this film.
Liu thinks Sonya's radio equipment is fine and tells her to check her...
Shang Tsung sends this creature to watch Kitana carefully.
To win, Liu had to use the element that brings life. What was that element?
The lovely host Scorpion introduced Johnny to his lair with what word?
According to Johnny, how much did his sunglasses cost?
In the final battle, Liu had to face his enemy, himself and what else?
Shang is killed when he falls onto a...
How dare Kitana speak to Shang Tsung of this thing.
Jax's name was misspelled as this in the end credits.
Raiden ends the movie with this quote.
Who provided the voice of Shao Kahn?

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