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Can you name the Dragonball Z; Saiyan Saga?

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Goku's brother
The farmer's power level
Goku's Saiyan name
To beat his brother, Goku teams up with...
It's believed that their home planet was destroyed by a...
Goku's brother kidnaps
Number of humans he wanted Goku to kill
Goku's flying cloud
Goku's signature attack
Piccolo's signature move
Raditz announces that the other Saiyans will arrive in this many years
Goku's best friend
Bulma's boyfriend (at the time)
And his occupation?
Z Fighter with 3 eyes
Blinding technique used by him
The smallest Z Fighter
The Saiyan Prince
And his partner
Their little green creatures
The planet they destroy on their way to Earth
When he looks at the moon, Gohan turns into an...
According to someone's scouter, Goku's power level was over...
But in the manga, it was actually over...
Goku's power up technique
Vegeta's blast, used against Goku
Gohan was taught this attack from Piccolo
To stop Oozaru Vegeta, the heroes need to chop off his...
Who's sword did Krillin take up in order to try and kill Vegeta?
The heroes next destination

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