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Can you name the Dragonball Z; Namek and Frieza Sagas?

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This saga takes place in year ___.
Frieza wiped out most of this race.
Henchman that Vegeta kills.
Vegeta claims he doesn't need this device anymore.
Child Namekian who befriends Gohan and Krillin
And his unfortunate brother.
Unlocked Gohan and Krillin's hidden power.
Pretty boy henchman of Frieza
Pudgy pink henchman of Frieza
What doesn't Namek have?
Vegeta takes Goku to heal on Frieza's ______.
Captain Ginyu inadvertantly becomes one of these.
Name of Namek's Shenron.
Piccolo fuses with who upon arriving on Namek?
Finished off Recoome.
Vegeta wanted to wish for _____ ___.
Vegeta believed himself to be this during his fight with Frieza.
Frieza took out Dende because the kid could _____ others.
The attack that took out Dende.
While fighting Goku, at one point Frieza boasts that he won't need to use his ____.
True or False; Goku and Frieza's battle is over 17 episodes long.
Goku reminded Frieza of this man.
Ginyu switches bodies with her.
Powerup Goku used against Frieza
In order to beat Frieza, Goku used this.
Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan after Frieza killed who?
Goku battled Frieza on what day?
According to Frieza, Namek will explode in how many minutes?
Becomes the new Grand Elder Namekian.
Planet that Goku landed on after beating Frieza.

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