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Can you name the Dragonball Z Big Green Dub?

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Goku is listed as this in the title of the Lord Slug movie.
The name of all of Goku's attacks.
The bad guys seek these.
Big Green wants Tullece to 'let which child alone'?
We can destroy the Tree of Might by ______ the roots!
Goku's rival.
What was the name of the group that did this dub?
Krillin's new dub name.
Goku and other Space Warriors can transform into what?
According to Paragus, what conspired against him so tragically?
What did Vegutuh yell when powering up in the Meta Cooler movie?
Goku's blue haired genius friend.
Goku's teacher.
It's true! EveryoneofTullece'sracecanbecomea_______
Destructo Discs are known as what?
When injured, our heroes consume what to heal?

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