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What class of Britain domintated politics in 1815?
The body of people allowed to vote.
The Act that gave a voice to middle class men.
What country was the first to abolish the slave trade?
Where is the Suez Canal?
What is another name for the prime minister?
Alliances of various parties in Britain
Which 2 provinces did France lose to Germany?
Movement to rebuild a Jewish state in Palestine
Idea that the US should stretch across the N. American continent
The US gained California, New Mexico and Arizona after what war?
Under what code did French women not have many rights in the late 1800's?
The knowing of publication of false and damaging statements.
Local self-government
Who led the British Liberal party in the 1860's?
Who led the new conservative party in Britain in the 1860's?
After the revolution in 1848 who rose to power and set up the second empire in France?
Temporary government that for a short time evolved into France's Third Republic
She was the symbol of British life from 1837-1901
Which countries were British Penal Colonies?

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