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Can you name the Rhine, Main and Danube Cities?

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Country (river)CityPopulation
Netherlands (Nieuwe Maas)576 302
Netherlands (Rhine)136 305
Germany (Rhine)105 109
Germany (Rhine)487 212
Germany (Rhine)234 738
Germany (Rhine)591 122
Germany (Rhine)151 503
Germany (Rhine)160 937
Germany (Rhine)1 015 790
Germany (Rhine)329 833
Germany (Rhine)106 374
Germany (Rhine)274 552
Germany (Rhine/Main)200 717
Germany (Main)687 107
Country (river)CityPopulation
Germany (Main)122 038
Germany (Main)134 379
Germany (Main-Danube Canal)115 205
Germany (Main-Danube Canal)507 568
Germany (Danube)136 784
Austria (Danube)188 599
Austria (Danube)1 726 412
Slovakia (Danube)421 218
Hungary (Danube)1 619 353
Serbia (Danube)202 389
Serbia (Danube)1 094 963
Bulgaria (Danube)155 372
Romania (Danube)219 412
Romania (Danube)294 074

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