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Can you name the can you name the answers to the following Civil War questions??

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President that issued the Emancipation Proclamation?
He was president before Lincoln?
This compromise created the 36/30 parellel?
He was president of the Confederacy?
He led raids in Kansas (abolitionist)?
He was A Major commander in the Union Army and later Presidnet?
This was the first state to seceed from Union?
This famous Confederate was commander of Northern Virginia?
This border state broke away from VA, and was part of the Union?
He was president after Lincoln was assassinated?
Declaration that all newly acquired states from Mexico are free? (never enacted)
This was the capital of the Confederacy? (Not Montgomery)
This was known as the bloodiest three days of the civil war?
What is the Capital of the Union?
Lincoln was from this State?

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