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English WordFrench Word
a self-portrait
Are you...?
I am
I am not
I am american (masculine)
I am canadian (masculine)
I am from here
I am from Chicago
I am a student (masculine)
I live in Toronto
I live alone (masculine)
I do not live...
I live with a friend (male)
I live with a friend (female)
I live with two friends (male)
I live with my family
I live with a housemate (male)
I live with a housemate (female)
I live with a roomate (male)
I live with a roomate (female)
I work a lot
I work at the university
I work for IBM
I speak english
I speak french
I speak spanish
I do not speak
I speak a lot in class
I think that french is interesting
I think that french is pretty easy
English WordFrench Word
I think that french is a little difficult
Are you canadien?
Yes. And you, are you you canadien (female) also?
No, I am from Cleveland
But you speak very good french!
Are you living here now?
Yes, because I am a university student (male)
And you, you travel work here?
What time is it?
It is 3:00
It is 12:00 PM
It is 12:00 AM
It is 1:05
It is 9:20 AM
It is 8:15 AM
It is 9:45 AM
It is 12:30 PM
It is 10:30 AM
It is 8:40 PM
It is 3:23 PM
French class is at what time
On Mondays I am in class from 9 to 1.
I am at home before 7:30
I live on campus
French class begins at 10 AM
French class ends at 11:AM
I am at home after 7 PM

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