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HintCharacterExtra Info.
Leader of Delta SquadCOG
Married to MariaCOG
Sarcastic mechanicCOG
Thrashball superstarCOG
Original leader of delta squadCOG
Watch your head!COG
Eaten by bugs!COG
The Grub Killer!COG
Father and scientistCOG
Intelligence officer turned gearCOG
Delta squads robotRobot
You are the reinforcements son!COG
Alpha squad member killed by wretchesCOG
Taken captive by locustCOG
Mechanic and driverCOG
Found hitting a vending machineCOG
Leader of strandedStranded
Leader of the COG on CNV SovereignCOG
COG leader and chairmanCOG
Old friend of the ColonelCOG
Member of Zeta-six and carriers two knivesCOG
Female member of Zeta-sixCOG
Old friend of a delta squad memberStranded
Owner of a gas stationStranded
Leader of the locustLocust
HintCharacterExtra Info.
Fought on a trainLocust
Double edged chainsaw staffLocust
Wields a cleaverLocust
Topless locustLocust
A more advanced version of topless locustLocust
Standard locustLocust
Locust with gogglesLocust
Paired with locust with a one shotLocust
Red armorLocust
Elite guard of the locust leaderLocust
Locust with scorcherLocust
Rides atop various creaturesLocust
Locust tasked with tracking down COGLocust
More advanced COG trackersLocust
Red armor with metal face guardLocust
RAAMs personal soldiers with black armorLocust
Monks of the locustLocust
Has two gorgon pistolsLocust
Standard locust left to their own devicesLocust
White/Grey armored elitesLocust
Multiplayer character in Gears 3 (code unlock)Locust
Wears an executioner type maskLocust
Multiplayer character in Gears 3 (code unlock)Locust
HintCharacterExtra Info.
Carry the boltok pistolLocust
Helmet has ONE glowing sectionLocust
Strapped with bombsCreature
Spider like creature killed by imulsionCreature
Can burrow to heal themselvesCreature
They often travel in ventsLocust
They can eat grenadesCreature
Blind but dangerousLocust
Flying jet like creaturesCreature
Jellyfish like suicide locustCreature
Jams radio signal in Gears 1Creature
Gigantic sea monsterCreature
Crab like lambentLambent
Can morph to spawn other lambentLambent
Long range imulsion throwersLambent
Lambent humansLambent
Metal bugs which have to be shot from behindCreature
You ride this in Gears 2Creature
Locust experimentsLocust
The mount for the locust leaderCreature
Has a locust rider and can mantle coverCreature

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