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ClueName of Anime
Join Luffy on the Grand Line!
I will spirit bomb you for missing this one
Hidden Village of the Leaf?
Soul Reapers are H-core
He is a COLD water girl :)
Space bounty hunters
Long red coat, spiky blonde hair
mentally challenging mech pilots
The Notebook of Killing
Gotta catch'em all!
Never running from a real fight!
Mechs in flight
Is it a giant rabbit? and a cat bus?
Save the great forest spirit
Screams Mobile Bulwark
Help Sen get her name back
The brothers of metal
ClueName of Anime
The grittier brothers of metal
Ghost detective
White haired cat demon dude
Shinobi with a rolled up document
Will Ryoma get to the US open
Help Sakura with her card hobby
A school for the super rich and a frivolous club
Major Kusanagi will never wear pants
Lord Darcia III will rain down a furry revenge
Help the Baron against feline foes
Anna Paquin voices a dude
1 old bum, 1 tranny, and 1 young woman save a baby
Lord Alcard fights his own kind
Sweetest robo-doll ever
Little witches courier company
An MMORPG by the CC corporation
Evil naked psychic killer girls
ClueName of Anime
Across, a 'secret ideological organization', to conquer the city of Fukuoka
Tweet-- hand ball!
Quirky young highschool girls ie.Osaka
Seven katana wielding warriors vs giant mechs
The Sohma family is possessed by the Chinese zodiac
A totem bearing boy with a dead samurai compaion
Lina Inverse strikes again!
Hitomi is the key to unlocking this mech
The legend of the Botosi
This cheeky thief also has a movie with a Count
It's time to du-du-du-du-duel
Its like really old chess
Mugen wears sandels, Jin wears glasses
Of the Valley of the wind
Lord Zero
No Need for Tenchi or Useless Tenchi

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