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Can you name the American Horror Story Actors by Character Description

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Character DescriptionActor/Actress
Provocative and Mysterious Housemaid (S1), Firestarter (S3)
Wannabe Freak (S4)
Rich-Witch-B*tch (S3), (Fake?) Fortune Teller (S4)
Psychic (S1), Reporter-Patient (S2), Born Leader (S3), Crowd Puller (S4)
Scheming Neighbour (S1), Head Honcho (S2), Jealous Head Honcho (S3), Fame Seeker (S4)
Cheating Therapist (S1), Son of a Psycho (S2)
Lonely Daughter (S1), The New Girl (S3)
Vengeful Mistress (S1)
Fluffer (S1), Doctor with a Secret (S2)
Rubberman (S1), Innocent (S2), Frankenstein (S3), Lobster Boy (S4)
Worse than Annie Wilkes (S3), Bearded Wonder (S4)
Voodoo Queen (S3), Tri-Breasted Hermaphrodite (S4)
Burned and Delusional (S1), Silent but Deadly (S3), Con Artist (S4)
Harassed House Wife (S1)
Permanent Smile (S4)
Character DescriptionActor/Actress
Secretive Monsignor (S2)
Distraught Ghost (S1), The Devil (S2), Carefree Lifegiver (S3), Before Satan took hold (S4)
Old Maid (S1), Harbinger of Death (S2), Tartan Lover (S3), Doting Mother (S4)
Wants to be a 'Pretty Girl' (S1), Clairvoyant (S3), Scary Puppet (S4)
Took an Axe (S2)
Evil Experimenter (S2)
Spine Snapping Strong Man (S4)
Sassy Pin Cushion (S3), Socialite (S4)
Armless, Legless (S2)
Herself (S3)
Schizophrenic (S4)
Axeman of New Orleans (S3), Kind Doctor (S4)
Murdered the Axeman (S3), Snake Lady (S4)

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