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This creature is part of the student 6 and has a very bubbly personality
This creature is part of Daring Do
The leader of the Breeze
The magic stealing Centaur
Three-headed dog that guards Tartarus
The Changeling who remains unreformed
He became leader of the Changelings
Brother of the new leader of the Changelings
Member of the student 6, a Changeling
A friendly cockatrice met by Silverstream
Cyclops that attacked Griffonstone
Leader of the Diamond dogs
Dumb leader of the Diamond dogs
Dumbest leader of the Diamond dogs
The only draconequus (Lord of Chaos)
Mean red and yellow dragon
Member of the student 6, dragon
Twilight's #1 assistant
The gargoyle brother of the Centaur
First seen griffon
Abrasive old griffon
Fun loving griffon
Member of the student 6, griffon
Hippogriff who doesn't know where he belongs
Celestia's pet
Spike's pet
Leader of the sirens
Purple siren
Dumb siren
Leader of the yaks
Member of the student 6, yak
Rarity's pet
Rainbow's pet
Fluttershy's pet
Twilight's pet
Pinkie's pet
Applejack's pet
Cow that saw a snake
Small female buffalo
Pink reigndeer
Blue reigndeer
Tan reigndeer
Elderly sweet female donkey
Elderly rude male donkey

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