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Can you name the musicals not nominated for the Tony Award for Best Musical between 2000 and 2009?

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2000''Here On Who'', ''Monkey Around'', ''All for You''
2001''My Little World'', ''Tug Boat'', ''I Like Love More''
2003''Pretty Lies'', ''Church of the Poison Mind'', ''Out of Fashion''
2003''Pick Yourself Up'', ''The Song Is You'', ''Remind Me''
2004''Fresh Blood'', ''Prayer for the Dead'', ''The Longer I Live''
2005''Here Alone'', ''Astonishing'', ''How I Am''
2006''Another Curtain Goes Up'', ''Married to Marty'', ''A Big Black Lady Stops the Show''
2006''Son of Man'', ''For the First Time'', ''Everything That I Am''
2006''In Paris'', ''The Crimson Kiss'', ''To Kill Your Kind''
2007''Roll in the Hay'', ''Join the Family Business'', ''Transylvania Mania''
2007''Omigod You Guys'', ''Serious'', ''So Much Better''
2008''She's In Love'', ''Her Voice'', ''Sweet Child''
2008''Partners'', ''Ralph and Me'', ''Married''
2008''Dover'', ''Little One'', ''Let Her Be a Child''
2008''An Original Musical'', ''Die, Vampire, Die!'', ''Nine People's Favorite Thing''
2009''Around Here'', ''Shine Like the Sun'', ''Get Out and Stay Out''

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