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Can you name the movie based on the songs present in its Broadway musical adaptation?

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SongsMovieMovie Year / Musical Year
''Sword, Rose and Cape'', ''Carnival Ballet'', ''Always Always You''1953 / 1961
''Half as Big as Life'', ''Where Can You Take a Girl?'', ''Turkey Lurkey Time''1960 / 1968
''Life Is'', ''No Boom Boom'', ''Grandpapa''1964 / 1968
''But Alive'', ''Applause'', ''She's No Longer a Gypsy''1950 / 1970
''Penniless Bums'', ''Sugar'', ''When You Meet a Man in Chicago''1959 / 1972
''You Must Meet My Wife'', ''It Would Have Been Wonderful'', ''Send in the Clowns''1955 / 1973
SongsMovieMovie Year / Musical Year
''Raise the Flag of Dixie'', ''Violets and Silverbells'', ''Papa's Gonna Make it Alright''1965 / 1975
''My Husband Makes Movies'', ''Be Italian'', ''I Can't Make This Movie''1963 / 1982
''Fire and Ice'', ''I Waltz Alone'', ''How Can I Tell Her?''1932 / 1989
''A Beat Behind'', ''Footsteps'', ''Jump for Joy''1977 / 1993
''Greatest Star of All'', ''Completion of the Script'', ''Eternal Youth Is Worth a Little Suffering''1950 / 1994
''Keep It Gay'', ''Where Did We Go Right?'', ''Betrayed''1968 / 2001
SongsMovieMovie Year / Musical Year
''It's a Woman's World'', ''You Rule My World'', ''Let It Go''1997 / 2000
''At the Fountain'', ''One Track Mind'', ''Don't Look Now''1957 / 2002
''I Can Hear the Bells'', ''Welcome to the 60's'', ''Without Love''1988 / 2002
''The Song That Goes Like This'', ''Find Your Grail'', ''The Diva's Lament (Whatever Happened to My Part?)1975 / 2005
''Chimp in a Suit'', ''Nothing is Too Wonderful to Be True'', ''Son of Great Big Stuff''1988 / 2005
''Come Out of the Dumpster'', ''Not That Kind of Thing'', ''Let Me Come Home''1998 / 2006
SongsMovieMovie Year / Musical Year
''Marry Well'', ''Daddy's Girl'', ''The House We Live In''1975 / 2006
''Positive'', ''So Much Better'', ''Whipped Into Shape''2001 / 2007
''Expressing Yourself'', ''Angry Dance'', ''Electricity''2000 / 2008
''I Know It's Today'', ''Who I'd Be'', ''Freak Flag''2001 / 2008
''Around Here'', ''Shine Like the Sun'', ''Get Out and Stay Out''1980 / 2009
''World's Greatest Dad'', ''Just Like Him'', ''There Is a Santa Clause''2003 / 2010

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