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DecisionName of CaseYear
Established principle of judicial review1803
Upheld use of elastic clause; states cannot tax the federal government1819
Dred Scott was not a citizen and could not sue in federal courts; Missouri Compromise unconstitutional1857
Established “separate but equal” philosophy that upheld segregation laws until 19541896
New York state law that limited number of hours bakers could work struck down1905
Upheld an Oregon law that limited women to a 10 hour workday1908
Struck down federal Keating-Owen Child Labor law reducing child labor in factories under 141918
Defendants criticism of draft not protected by 1st amendment; “clear and present danger”1919
Court upholds government policy of internment of Japanese as justified in wartime1944
DecisionName of CaseYear
Court overturned Plessy case; segregation unconstitutional regardless of equal facilities1954
Established principle of one man, one vote with election districts1962
Declared unconstitutional state laws requiring school prayer1962
Defendants must have attorneys present for questioning when arrested1966
Declared state laws that prohibited abortions unconstitutional1973
Ordered President Nixon to turn over Watergate tapes1974
Federal jurisdiction over Indian Affairs is absolute, no room for state authority; ignored by Georgia (Cherokees keep land)1832
Quotas in affirmative action programs could not be used; Bakke’s rights were violated1978

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