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Conjures an image of an angel's tearLloyd Irving
Used for offense and defenseLloyd Irving
Made from a part of a dragonLloyd Irving
Brand with five elemental lawsLloyd Irving
For use by the king's knightsLloyd Irving
Made from legendary craftsman of the same nameLloyd Irving
Used by the eastern gods to defeat evil spiritsLloyd Irving
Nicknamed 'Gauntlet Cutter'Lloyd Irving
A blade of fire and iceLloyd Irving
Very sharp swordLloyd Irving
Sharp blade that enemies cannot feel the blowLloyd Irving
A cursed blade (ultimate weapon)Lloyd Irving
Thin sword like the windLloyd Irving
Sword held by a legendary ninjaLloyd Irving
A curved sword Lloyd Irving
Named after an eastern countryLloyd Irving
Makes loud noise when makes contactLloyd Irving
Designed for thrustsLloyd Irving
Holy sword for thrust attacksLloyd Irving
Treasured by a noble familyLloyd Irving
Refined to be more effectiveLloyd Irving
Valkyrie inscribed on its bladeLloyd Irving
Belonged to a reowned lordLloyd Irving
Made of woodLloyd Irving
Easy to useKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Made of a crystalKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Has the power of earthKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
A cursed dagger (ultimate weapon)Kratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Shape of a flameKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Meticulously crafted steel daggerKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Extremely sharp crystal bladeKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Small and easy to useKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Plastic pink daggerKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Has the power of waterKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Used in baseballKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Made of strange invisible substanceKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Legendary sword of lightKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Resembles a flameKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Sword of iceKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
A sword of light using ancient technologyKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Forged from a rare oreKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Electricity runs through itKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Made of 3 feet of ironKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Sand pours from every swingKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Made of silverKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Known to devour souls(ultimate weapon)Kratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Made of steelKratos Aurion / Zelos Wilder
Halo that gives mystic powersColette Brunel
Designed to return to its owner when thrownColette Brunel
Reinforced for increased durabilityColette Brunel
Kills the weak with one glance (ultimate weapon)Colette Brunel
Great for playing fetch with NoisheColette Brunel
Cuts through the air like a moonbeamColette Brunel
Primarily used as a ceremonial toolColette Brunel
Made of mythrilColette Brunel
Resembles the air thrust spellColette Brunel
Also used by ninjasColette Brunel
Designed for battleColette Brunel
Shaped like the sunColette Brunel
Resembling a trail of starsColette Brunel
Equipped with spikesColette Brunel
Also an instrumentColette Brunel
Nicknamed 'Coin'Colette Brunel
Icy weaponGenis Sage
Translates to 'Lionheart'Genis Sage
A cursed weapon (ultimate weapon)Genis Sage
Can do some damageGenis Sage
Star shaped ballGenis Sage
Helps you stay in the gameGenis Sage
Colorful weaponGenis Sage
Rainbow colored aura appears when swungGenis Sage
Not very powerfulGenis Sage
Symbolizes your questGenis Sage
Looks like a vision from a dreamGenis Sage
Summons shadows from the darknessGenis Sage
Sparkles and shines when swungGenis Sage
It guides you to victoryGenis Sage
Electrifying weaponGenis Sage
Ancient wisdom is sealed in the gemRaine Sage
Good for bashing enemiesRaine Sage
Used by an ancient mageRaine Sage
Protected by the spirit of windRaine Sage
Has of power of earthRaine Sage
Has the power of windRaine Sage
Decorated with a cheap gemRaine Sage
Once belonged to a legendary heroRaine Sage
Pulses with evil (ulimate weapon)Raine Sage
Staff blessed by the godsRaine Sage
Draws power from phoenix feathersRaine Sage
Rod make of oakRaine Sage
Decorated with a rubyRaine Sage
Has a rune engraved in the metalRaine Sage
Has the power of thunderRaine Sage
Has the picture of AcalanathaSheena Fujibayashi
Has with a picture of AsuraSheena Fujibayashi
Resistant to earthSheena Fujibayashi
Resistant to fireSheena Fujibayashi
Resistant to iceSheena Fujibayashi
Resistant to lightningSheena Fujibayashi
Resistant to waterSheena Fujibayashi
Resistant to windSheena Fujibayashi
Sacred weapon that can battle the godsSheena Fujibayashi
Has the picture of a feather from an evil black bird (ultimate weapon)Sheena Fujibayashi
Filled with moneySheena Fujibayashi
Mysterious characters and patterns are written on the cardSheena Fujibayashi
Has a picture of VajraSheena Fujibayashi
Has a picture of YaksaSheena Fujibayashi
Powerful ax that can annihilate BahamutPresea Combatir
Has a jagged bladePresea Combatir
Specifically for use in battlePresea Combatir
Hammer with superior destructive powerPresea Combatir
In the shape of crescent moonPresea Combatir
Chaos can be heard pulsing within (ultimate weapon)Presea Combatir
Iron ax that is easy to usePresea Combatir
Has the power of earthPresea Combatir
Mighty ax held with both handsPresea Combatir
Combines attributes of a hatchet and a spearPresea Combatir
Made of mythrilPresea Combatir
Has a blade as big as an ogrePresea Combatir
Creates a squeaking noise when it hits someonePresea Combatir
Has the power of lightningPresea Combatir
Strikes foes with deadly accuracyPresea Combatir
Designed for powerful attacksPresea Combatir
With dark aura (ultimate weapon)Regal Bryant
Has the power of waterRegal Bryant
Leaves scars like a bear's clawRegal Bryant
WIth crystals attachedRegal Bryant
Has diamonds embedded in the metalRegal Bryant
With sharp dragon fangs attachedRegal Bryant
Must be one with the heart of a dynastRegal Bryant
Has a power of fireRegal Bryant
Cursed by evil spiritsRegal Bryant
Receiving this weapon is the ultimate honorRegal Bryant
Made of ironRegal Bryant
Holds the title of KaiserRegal Bryant
Made of leatherRegal Bryant
Made of mythrilRegal Bryant
Has more power than othersRegal Bryant
Made with venomous snake fangsRegal Bryant

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