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Default TitleLloyd Irving
Banned from IseliaLloyd Irving
Recieve Eternal SwordLloyd Irving
Master all recipesLloyd Irving
Get formal outfitLloyd Irving
Bought in rebuilt LuinLloyd Irving
Get beach outfitLloyd Irving
Enter MizuhoLloyd Irving
Peek in the ladies hot springLloyd Irving
Clear Uncle gameLloyd Irving
Complete advanced single mode in coliseumLloyd Irving
Complete party mode of coliseumLloyd Irving
Level 20Lloyd Irving
Level 40Lloyd Irving
Level 100Lloyd Irving
Combo 10 hitsLloyd Irving
Combo 30 hitsLloyd Irving
Combo 60 hitsLloyd Irving
Combo 100 hitsLloyd Irving
Combo using 3 different types of normal attacks+Lv.1/Lv.2/Lv.3 special attack Lloyd Irving
Battle Yuan without ever running from a battleLloyd Irving
Fight alone in battleLloyd Irving
Use 10 shortcuts in battleLloyd Irving
Defeat Rodyle with 4 char. lvls combined = < 145Lloyd Irving
Use wooden blade up to Kilia BattleLloyd Irving
Fight enemies 256 times in hard/mania levelsLloyd Irving
Default TitleColette Brunel
Pope chase eventColette Brunel
Examine hole in classroom wall in IseliaColette Brunel
Master all RecipesColette Brunel
Get formal outfitColette Brunel
Work in MeltokioColette Brunel
Get beach outfitColette Brunel
Colette's condition revealed in SybakColette Brunel
Name all thirty dogsColette Brunel
Hot springsColette Brunel
Work as a waitressColette Brunel
Complete advance single mode in coliseumColette Brunel
Level 20Colette Brunel
Level 40Colette Brunel
Level 100Colette Brunel
Use Item Thief/Rover 400 timesColette Brunel
Start battle poisoned and finish without being curedColette Brunel
Use same Lv. 1 Special Attack 10 times in 1 battleColette Brunel
Do not use any special attacksColette Brunel
Do not run in battleColette Brunel
No party members die until battle with IubarisColette Brunel
Default TitleGenis Sage
Academy Challenge in Palmacosta Genis Sage
Event: Genis and Mithos AdventureGenis Sage
Master all recipesGenis Sage
Get formal outfitGenis Sage
Get Katz outfitGenis Sage
Get beach outfitGenis Sage
After Martel Temple talk to RaineGenis Sage
Complete the Collector's BookGenis Sage
Complete Figurine BookGenis Sage
Beat red light/green light gameGenis Sage
Complete advanced single mode in coliseumGenis Sage
Learn 'Meteor Storm'Genis Sage
Level 20Genis Sage
Level 40Genis Sage
Change weapon 5 times in battleGenis Sage
Use magic enemy is resistant to 10 timesGenis Sage
Finish battle without damage and attackingGenis Sage
Use every elemental spell in battleGenis Sage
Don't use gels until you meet Pronyma in Fooji MountainsGenis Sage
Default TitleKratos Aurion
Go to Iselia Ranch after Martel loses controlKratos Aurion
Skit 'Childhood Memory'Kratos Aurion
Master all recipesKratos Aurion
Automatically acquiredKratos Aurion
Complete advanced single mode in coliseumKratos Aurion
Level 20Kratos Aurion
Level 40Kratos Aurion
Level 100Kratos Aurion
Combo using 3 different types of normal attacks+Lv.1/Lv.2/Lv.3 special attack Kratos Aurion
Default TitleRaine Sage
Event at Triet RuinsRaine Sage
Unicorn HornRaine Sage
Master all recipesRaine Sage
Get formal outfitRaine Sage
Dance at AsgardRaine Sage
Get beach outfitRaine Sage
Return to Triet after clearing Triet RuinsRaine Sage
Complete Monster ListRaine Sage
Complete advanced single mode in coliseumRaine Sage
Level 20Raine Sage
Level 40Raine Sage
Level 100Raine Sage
Use same item 5 times in battleRaine Sage
Fight with party of 4 womenRaine Sage
Die 5 times in battleRaine Sage
Finish battle only one aliveRaine Sage
Default TitleSheena Fujibayashi
Make pacts with Water and Lightning spiritSheena Fujibayashi
Make pacts with Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, and LightningSheena Fujibayashi
Make pacts with all spiritsSheena Fujibayashi
Get formal outfitSheena Fujibayashi
Do Mizuho eventSheena Fujibayashi
Get beach outfitSheena Fujibayashi
Master all recipesSheena Fujibayashi
Open all treasuresSheena Fujibayashi
Hot springsSheena Fujibayashi
Complete advance single mode in coliseumSheena Fujibayashi
Level 40Sheena Fujibayashi
Level 100Sheena Fujibayashi
Run away 50 times Sheena Fujibayashi
Cancel escape 3 timesSheena Fujibayashi
Start 2 Unison Attacks in one battleSheena Fujibayashi
Complete battle with only Unison AttacksSheena Fujibayashi
Default TitleZelos Wilder
Event: 'Princess Kidnapped'Zelos Wilder
Talk to every woman in the world with equip EX Skill 'Personal'Zelos Wilder
Master all recipesZelos Wilder
Get formal outfitZelos Wilder
Get maskZelos Wilder
Get beach outfitZelos Wilder
Skit: 'Mizuho, the Mystical Village'Zelos Wilder
Complete advanced single mode in coliseumZelos Wilder
Level 40Zelos Wilder
Level 100Zelos Wilder
Combo using 3 different types of normal attacks+Lv.1/Lv.2/Lv.3 special attack Zelos Wilder
Fight party with 3 femalesZelos Wilder
Equip Excalibur, Golden Helm, Golden Armor, Hyper Gauntlet, or Blue Shield, and Jet Boots and finish a battleZelos Wilder
Perform over 4 party commands in one battleZelos Wilder
Hear Zelos' voice many times in battleZelos Wilder
Default Title Presea Combatir
Sub-Event: 'A Mature Child'Presea Combatir
Sub-Event: 'Nebilim Event'Presea Combatir
Master all recipesPresea Combatir
Get formal outfitPresea Combatir
Get Klonoa costumePresea Combatir
Get beach outfitPresea Combatir
Skit' Poke Poke'Presea Combatir
Complete advance single mode in coliseumPresea Combatir
Level 40Presea Combatir
Level 100Presea Combatir
Guard Break over 10 times in one battlePresea Combatir
Party with 3 malesPresea Combatir
Party with only Tethe'alla charactersPresea Combatir
Battle over 5 times with same monster typePresea Combatir
Default TitleRegal Bryant
Discover he is the President of LezarenoRegal Bryant
Talk to George after defeating VharleyRegal Bryant
Master all recipesRegal Bryant
Get formal outfitRegal Bryant
Get wonder chef in MeltokioRegal Bryant
Get beach outfitRegal Bryant
Skit: 'aw'Regal Bryant
Complete advance single mode in coliseumRegal Bryant
Level 40Regal Bryant
Level 100Regal Bryant
Party with 4 guysRegal Bryant
Use potions more than 5 times on RegalRegal Bryant
Fight enemy with over 8 levels in difference and winRegal Bryant
Get knocked down more than 3 times in one battleRegal Bryant

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