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Can you name the Name Every Type Of Pokéballs?

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1x catch rate
1.5 catch rate
2x catch rate
Only obtained once! (If lucky you can get it in the lottery section of the Pokémart/Store)
Only obtained in the Safari Zone
Only for Pokémon that's a lower level than yours
Only for catching Pokémon with a rod
Only for Pokémon that level up with a moon stone
Happiness of caught pokémon will be 200
Only for Pokémon of the opposite gender
Only for Pokémon that are very heavy!
Only obtained at the National Bug Contest
Only obtained after buying x10 of Pokéballs (any kind!)
Only for Pokémon you caught before
2x if battle has gone on for at least 10 turns 3x if battle has gone on for at least 20 turns 4x if battle has gone on for at least 30 turns 1x otherwise
Only for bug and water type Pokémon
Only for Pokémon in the grass
Only used in the night, or in a cave
Only used for water type Pokémon! (And when used dive)
Only used for healing the Pokémon you caught
Increases happiness at a faster rate
4x if used on first turn of battle 1x otherwise
1x (contains event pokémon)
255x (always works, but is only available in Pal Park)

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