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Can you name the Supernatural Characters by TV Tropes?

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Forced Order
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Fantastic Racism, Jerkass, Slime Ball
Pop-Cultured Badass, Nerds Are Sexy, Playful Hacker
Consummate Liar, Dragged Off to Hell, Smug Snake
Fangirl, Love Makes You Crazy, Stalker with a Crush
Deadpan Snarker, Heel Face Mole, Manipulative Bitch
Because Destiny Says So, The Dutiful Son, Sibling Yin-Yang
Badass Adorable, Can't Hold His Liquor, Taking Up The Mantle
Badass In Charge, Cool Car, The Grim Reaper
Chuck Cunningham Syndrome, In the Blood, Long-Lost Relative
Evil Matriarch, Hot Witch, Vain Sorceress
Meaningful Name,Mother of a Thousand Young, Woman in White
Cute Bruiser, Died in Your Arms Tonight, Pursuing Parental Perils
Badass Beard, Biblical Bad Guy, Last of His Kind
Angel Unaware, Humans Are Special, Red Headed Heroine
Karmic Transformation, Off with His Head!, Scary Black Man
Big Brother Is Watching You, Smug Smiler, Well-Intentioned Extremist
British Accents, The Hedonist, Redemption Equals Death
Badass Longcoat, Beethoven Was an Alien Spy, One-Shot Character
Kill Her with Fire, The Lost Lenore, Sacrificial Lamb
Dead Person Impersonation, Good Wings, Evil Wings, Heel-Face Revolving Door

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