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Can you name the Star Trek characters by TV Tropes?

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Forced Order
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Cheshire Cat Grin, Claustrophobia, Last Name BasisDS9
Fatal Attractor, Momma's Boy, Token Good TeammateVOY
Badass Baritone, Grumpy Bear, Proud Warrior Race GuyTNG
Handicapped Badass, Technobabble, Twofer Token MinorityTNG
Adorkable, Person of Mass Destruction, Teen GeniusVOY
Badass Pacifist, Grumpy Bear, Innocent Blue EyesTOS
The Atoner, Defrosting Ice Queen, Ms. FanserviceVOY
Butt Monkey, Cultural Posturing, Mr. FanserviceTOS
Badass Grandpa, Captain Crash, The Comically SeriousVOY
Action Mom, Fiery Redhead, The MedicTNG
Big Ol' Eyebrows, Hot-Blooded, Techno WizardVOY
British Stuffiness, Demolitions Expert, Socially-Awkward HeroENT
Badass Bookworm, Cunning Linguist, Meaningful NameENT
Almighty Janitor, Beware the Nice Ones, Happily MarriedDS9
Bold Explorer, Heroes Love Dogs, Water PoloENT
Combat Medic, Transhuman, Tuxedo and MartiniDS9
Facial Markings, Number Two, Token Religious TeammateVOY
The Big Guy, Deadpan Snarker, Really Gets AroundTNG
Military Brat, The Pollyanna, Strong Family ResemblanceDS9
Anti-Villain, Badass Finger Snap, ManchildTNG

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