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Can you name the MCU characters by TV tropes?

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Forced Order
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Breakout Villain, Child of Two Worlds, Consummate LiarMovies
Awesome McCoolname, Color Motif, Squishy WizardTV
Celibate Hero, Legacy Character, Skilled, but NaïveTV
Ace Pilot, Number Two, The StoicTV
Badass Teacher, Face Death with Dignity, The MentorMovies
Cold Sniper, Handicapped Badass, Tragic VillainMovies
Alliterative Name, Science Hero, The Smart GuyMovies
Colonel Badass, Meaningful Rename, Only Sane ManMovies
Badass Adorable, Heroic Sacrifice, Pokémon SpeakMovies
Badass Baritone, Cool Mask, Modest RoyaltyMovies
Big Brother Instinct, Fragile Speedster, Mystical White HairMovies
Dual Wielding, Genius Bruiser, Tattooed CrookMovies
Evil All Along, Good Scars, Evil Scars, Perma-StubbleMovies
The Exile, Never Mess with Granny, Sword CaneTV
Honest Advisor, Pragmatic Villainy, Sinister ShadesTV
Defrosting Ice Queen, Ironic Name, Sci-Fi Bob HaircutMovies
Heroes Love Dogs, Must Have Caffeine, Survival MantraTV
Bald of Evil, Large and in Charge, Sharp-Dressed ManTV
Badass Beard, Daddy Issues, WorkaholicMovies
Butt Monkey, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Put on a BusTV

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