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Can you name the Final Fantasy Characters by TV Tropes 2?

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Forced Order
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Always Save the Girl, Iconic Item, Loveable RogueFinal Fantasy VI
Improbable Hairstyle, Handicapped Badass, Rebel LeaderFinal Fantasy X-2
Friend to All Children, Half-Human Hybrid, Mystical WaifFinal Fantasy VI
Butt Monkey, Drama King, Facial MarkingsFinal Fantasy VIII
Agent Peacock, Bare Your Midriff, Dude Looks Like a LadyFinal Fantasy IX
Bishōnen, Magic Music, Quirky BardFinal Fantasy IV
Blade on a Stick, Heroic Sacrifice, Really 700 Years OldFinal Fantasy XIII
Horned Humanoid, Little Miss Badass, Precocious CrushFinal Fantasy IX
For the Evulz, Laughing Mad, Woobie, Destroyer of WorldsFinal Fantasy VI
Hair Decorations, The Hero, Nice GuyFinal Fantasy II
Highly Visible Ninja, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Warrior PrinceFinal Fantasy IV
Boisterous Bruiser, Determinator, Gentle GiantFinal Fantasy XIII
Badass Longcoat, Go Mad from the Revelation, One-Winged AngelFinal Fantasy VII
Fork Fencing, Overly Long Tongue, Supreme ChefFinal Fantasy IX
Badasses Wear Bandanas, The Big Guy, Scars Are ForeverFinal Fantasy VIII
Artificial Limbs, Hot-Blooded, Papa WolfFinal Fantasy VII
Action Girl, Tall, Dark and Snarky, Too Many BeltsFinal Fantasy X-2
El Cid Ploy, Good Scars, Evil Scars, The Quiet OneFinal Fantasy XII
The Heart, The Medic, Silk Hiding SteelFinal Fantasy IV
Fluffy Fashion Feathers, Parental Substitute, Raven Hair, Ivory SkinFinal Fantasy VIII

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