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Can you name the A Song of Ice and Fire Characters by TV Tropes?

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Forced Order
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Driven to Suicide, The Lost Lenore, Purple Eyes
Cruel and Unusual Death, Hot-Blooded, Tall, Dark and Handsome
Brutal Honesty, Cool Aunt, Iron Lady
Anything That Moves, My Name Is Inigo Montoya, Poisoned Weapons
Jerkass, Parental Favoritism, Sadistic Choice
Brainy Brunette, Determinator, Runaway Fiancé
Agent Mulder, Face of a Thug, Seer
Perpetual Smiler, Sdrawkcab Alias, Sweet Polly Oliver
Cool Old Guy, Living Legend, Master Swordsman
Agent Peacock, The Casanova, You Gotta Have Blue Hair
Creepy Souvenir, The Exile, Prince In Rags
Beard of Evil, Psycho for Hire, ''Thpeech'' Impediment
Badass Preacher, Instant Oracle, Just Add Water, No Sense of Humor
Bookworm, Cool Uncle, Ironborn Scholars Get No Respect
0% Approval Rating, The Paranoiac, Pyro Maniac
The Big Guy, Fingore, Undying Loyalty
Black Comedy, The Eeyore, Sad Clown
Dark and Troubled Past, Does Not Like Shoes, War Is Hell
Cool Sword, Dragon Rider, Lady of War
Big Eater, Fat Bastard, Minor Major Character

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