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LyricsSong Title
Is this a picture of Otis Redding?
Cause if I were here and you were there I'd meet you in between
Sit in a circle facing the sun Soak it in while you can Winter is on
Well, they say That Santa Fe Is less than Ninety miles away
I feel you shift my weight around I squirm and coil beneath your flesh
Now that you've become a man, looking very mean Got a nice shiny sports car, keep it very clean
The grime of countless workdogs Has collected in my sink I tie my nose with spandex hose Before I get a drink
Oh, that it's the salt that's in our tears Oh, 'cause we could have come so very far Oh, in at least as many years
LyricsSong Title
So you don't need to guess What otherwise I'd say aloud And watch it float just like a cloud.
Dont you see anything that you'd like to try?
And I kneel by the river and I feel the sand and the wind The wind from beyond the mountain
Hold the wheel, read the sign Keep the tires off the line Just relax, you're doing fine
You could see him every day Just walking down the line With his old brown sack across his back And his long hair down behind
Thunder calls through waterfalls Rising tides and ocean walls
I'm in my bed asleep and then I wake up with a vision blurred And all my efforts are deterred
I wheeled around because I Didn't hear what you had said

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