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Talent agency founded by Lee Soo Man?Founded the 14th of Feb. 1995
Underground rapper called Tempo?His stage name was meant to be Marc.
Kim Jong Kook's former band? They were active from 1995 - 2000
Lee Jin Ki is the real name of what band's leader?He is the oldest of this band.
The main dancer and maknae of 2ne1Her father was a famous folk dancer
The famous 'leg dance' is from which girl group?Choi Minho starred in one for their music videos.
Former Rapper and producer for YG entertainmentHis real name is Park Hong Jun
Hottest time at day?Debuted as a 7 membered band.
One of the members was a former YG trainee, and almost member of Big BangDebuted in 2009
The Band that is trained by Rain5 membered band.
Both Miss a, G-Dragon & Beast shares the same song title.Beast's song is also called Soom.
Male solo singer from YG EntertainmentCame up with the stage name T.O.P.
Former member of Wonder GirlsJoined CUBE entertainment.
The rap duo Sangchu and ShorryLove Class, Tok tok and Lalala.
Alexander and Kibum are former members of which band?Replaced by Hoon and AJ
Because I naughty naughty... Blow Your Mind!
What Boy band are singing about having an affair?The average age of the group is 17 years old.
His fan group is called CloudFounder and owner of J. Tune Entertainment
2ne1's song Hate You was originally called...Teddy produced and wrote the song.
Their album is called John Travolta WannabeAlbum from 2011
The fastest rapper in South Korea21 syllables per second
'Married' to Nichkhun from 2PMShe is from China
Former 2PM memberAbandoned
Zico is the leader of this bandDebuted in 2011
G-Dragon smashes a guitar in this songThe Music video was recorded in Las Vegas.
T-ara, SHINee and SNSD all starred in a KBS Tv-program called...Jung Yoogeun became popular after this reality show.
Lee Hyori is a former member of this bandPopular girl band from 1998-2002
Yoon Mi Rae is married to what rapper?They have a son named Jordan.

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