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ECan both cure and harm people
RHis body is made of rocks
UA professional wrestler and mutant
XWlverine's clone
KShe can speak French
GSaved a young Storm from Shadow King
ZDied saving Colossus' life
HLeader of the Starjammers after Corsair dies
LShe was born in Hawaii
FCreated by the Weapon Plus Program
DHe has the power of reactive evolution
SA member of the Big Hero 6
MHe saved Kitty Pryde's life
TA Native American mutant
CHis sister and brother are mutants also
YWolverine's ill-fated fiancee
IYounger brother of Cannonball
QFormer mentor to Generation X. The White_______
WA mutant from Scotland
AA Cretan mutant
VAn early X-Men foe
JWorked with Black Tom Cassidy.
NOnce studied to become a priest
BAte the Wasp
OTrained as a police officer in India
PUses the Souldagger

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