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Member(s)Team NameNote
Jolt, CharcoalMade of former villains
Malcolm Hardy, Jennifer HardyAn entire family with the power of flight!
Ursa Major, Red GuardianRussia's resident superteam
Ariel, Devil DinosaurMade with members of the New Mutants
J2, MainframeThe Avengers of the future!
Owlman, Geo-ForceAssembled by Batman
Anthem, HeavyCalifornia's resident superteam
Obituary, OracleAll heroes' names began with the letter O!
Ghost Rider, HerculesBased in Los Angeles
Hardball, GravityNevada's resident superteam
Member(s)Team NameNote
Olympian, Warmaker OneHave a floating city as their base
Mister Immortal, FlatmanA team with comedic results
M-11, The UranianComplete with a talking gorilla!
Century, USAgentAssembled after the West Coast Avengers disbanded
Blade, Hannibal KingThey fought supernatural threats
Doctor Strange, NamorA loosely-knit team
Silver Samurai, Honey LemonJapan's resident superteam
Bluestreak, Crimson CurseFour superheroes from the future!
Mister Scarlet, Captain MarvelMade of heroes from Fawcett Comics
Two-Gun Kid, KomodoArizona's superteam

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