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Billy's number of confirmed kills
The year Billy was born
The first plane Billy flew
City of Birth
Elementary School
Presented Billy with the Victoria Cross
How many medals Billy won
Movie in which Billy starred as himself
Cemetary where Billy was laid to rest
Billy's wife and grandaugter of Timothy Eaton
Billy's younger sister
Part of the army Billy served in initially
Squadron of which Billy was the leader
Billy's son, also a fighter pilot
Where Billy died
Attack which won Billy the Victoria Cross
Second plane Billy flew
current location of Billy's medals
According to a teacher, Billy was only good for...
Billy died at the age of
Billy was friends with this famous British man
Street Billy's boyhood home was located on
Name of Billy's older brother who died before he was born
College Billy attended before WWI broke out
City where Billy's funeral was held
Billy's position in WWII
Billy's niece, also involved in the war effort
As a child, Billy attempted to fly off of his house in a plane made of..
Billy was made fun of at school for having a slight ____
Billy's Height (he was not very tall)

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