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SkullYour forehead
SkullLateral to your Frontal bone
HeadLateral to your eyes
HeadOn the dorsal side of your Body
HeadInferior to your Frontal bone
ThroatMedial and Superior to the Collar Bone
ShoulderIt kinda rhymes with magical and it pulls your shoulder up and down
ShoulderThis bone looks like fairy wings
ThoraxThe Center of your chest
ThoraxWhat you eat with barbeque sauce
BackThe part of your back where your T-shirt covers half your neck
BackDirectly under the Thoracic Vertebrae
BackThe secod part of your back's sections of vertebrae
ArmsFunny bone
ArmsLateral to your Radius
ArmsSuperior to your Metacarpals and inferior to your Humerus
HandsYour palm
Hands Your fingers
PelvisThe bottom of your axial part of the skeletal system
PelvisBiggest bone in your body
LegsBone that lets you bend your Leg
LegsInferior to
LegsInferior to Tibia and superior to your tarsals
FeetThe most inferior part of your body

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