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Can you name the person/people responsible for each serial of Doctor Who from 1963-1989?

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Serial NameWriterSeason of Serial
An Unearthly ChildSeason 1
The DaleksSeason 1
The Edge of DestructionSeason 1
Marco PoloSeason 1
The Keys of MarinusSeason 1
The AztecsSeason 1
The SensoritesSeason 1
The Reign of TerrorSeason 1
Planet of GiantsSeason 2
The Dalek Invasion of EarthSeason 2
The RescueSeason 2
The RomansSeason 2
The Web PlanetSeason 2
The CrusadeSeason 2
The Space MuseumSeason 2
The ChaseSeason 2
The Time MeddlerSeason 2
Galaxy 4Season 3
Mission to the UnknownSeason 3
The Myth MakersSeason 3
The Daleks' Master PlanSeason 3
The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's EveSeason 3
The ArkSeason 3
The Celestial ToymakerSeason 3
The GunfightersSeason 3
The SavagesSeason 3
The War MachinesSeason 3
The SmugglersSeason 4
The Tenth PlanetSeason 4
The Power of the DaleksSeason 4
The HighlandersSeason 4
The Underwater MenaceSeason 4
The MoonbaseSeason 4
The Macra TerrorSeason 4
The Faceless OnesSeason 4
The Evil of the DaleksSeason 4
The Tomb of the CybermenSeason 5
The Abominable SnowmenSeason 5
The Ice WarriorsSeason 5
The Enemy of the WorldSeason 5
The Web of FearSeason 5
Fury from the DeepSeason 5
The Wheel in SpaceSeason 5
The DominatorsSeason 6
The Mind RobberSeason 6
The InvasionSeason 6
The KrotonsSeason 6
The Seeds of DeathSeason 6
The Space PiratesSeason 6
The War GamesSeason 6
Spearhead from SpaceSeason 7
Doctor Who and the SiluriansSeason 7
The Ambassadors of DeathSeason 7
Serial NameWriterSeason of Serial
InfernoSeason 7
Terror of the AutonsSeason 8
The Mind of EvilSeason 8
The Claws of AxosSeason 8
Colony in SpaceSeason 8
The DæmonsSeason 8
Day of the DaleksSeason 9
The Curse of PeladonSeason 9
The Sea DevilsSeason 9
The MutantsSeason 9
The Time MonsterSeason 9
The Three DoctorsSeason 10
Carnival of MonstersSeason 10
Frontier in SpaceSeason 10
Planet of the DaleksSeason 10
The Green DeathSeason 10
The Time WarriorSeason 11
Invasion of the DinosaursSeason 11
Death to the DaleksSeason 11
The Monster of PeladonSeason 11
Planet of the SpidersSeason 11
RobotSeason 12
The Ark in SpaceSeason 12
The Sontaran ExperimentSeason 12
Genesis of the DaleksSeason 12
Revenge of the CybermenSeason 12
Terror of the ZygonsSeason 13
Planet of EvilSeason 13
Pyramids of MarsSeason 13
The Android InvasionSeason 13
The Brain of MorbiusSeason 13
The Seeds of DoomSeason 13
The Masque of MandragoraSeason 14
The Hand of FearSeason 14
The Deadly AssassinSeason 14
The Face of EvilSeason 14
The Robots of DeathSeason 14
The Talons of Weng-ChiangSeason 14
Horror of Fang RockSeason 15
The Invisible EnemySeason 15
Image of the FendahlSeason 15
The Sun MakersSeason 15
UnderworldSeason 15
The Invasion of TimeSeason 15
The Ribos OperationSeason 16 (The Key to Time)
The Pirate PlanetSeason 16 (The Key to Time)
The Stones of BloodSeason 16 (The Key to Time)
The Androids of TaraSeason 16 (The Key to Time)
The Power of KrollSeason 16 (The Key to Time)
The Armageddon FactorSeason 16 (The Key to Time)
Destiny of the DaleksSeason 17
City of DeathSeason 17
The Creature from the PitSeason 17
Serial NameWriterSeason of Serial
Nightmare of EdenSeason 17
The Horns of NimonSeason 17
The Leisure HiveSeason 18
MeglosSeason 18
Full CircleSeason 18
State of DecaySeason 18
Warriors' GateSeason 18
The Keeper of TrakenSeason 18
LogopolisSeason 18
CastrovalvaSeason 19
Four to DoomsdaySeason 19
KindaSeason 19
The VisitationSeason 19
Black OrchidSeason 19
EarthshockSeason 19
Time-FlightSeason 19
Arc of InfinitySeason 20
SnakedanceSeason 20
Mawdryn UndeadSeason 20
TerminusSeason 20
EnlightenmentSeason 20
The King's DemonsSeason 20
The Five DoctorsSeason 20
Warriors of the DeepSeason 21
The AwakeningSeason 21
FrontiosSeason 21
Resurrection of the DaleksSeason 21
Planet of FireSeason 21
The Caves of AndrozaniSeason 21
The Twin DilemmaSeason 21
Attack of the CybermenSeason 22
Vengeance on VarosSeason 22
The Mark of the RaniSeason 22
The Two DoctorsSeason 22
TimelashSeason 22
Revelation of the DaleksSeason 22
The Mysterious PlanetSeason 23 (Trial of a Time Lord)
MindwarpSeason 23 (Trial of a Time Lord)
Terror of the VervoidsSeason 23 (Trial of a Time Lord)
The Ultimate FoeSeason 23 (Trial of a Time Lord)
Time and the RaniSeason 24
Paradise TowersSeason 24
Delta and the BannermenSeason 24
DragonfireSeason 24
Rememberance of the DaleksSeason 25
The Happiness PatrolSeason 25
Silver NemesisSeason 25
The Greatest Show in the GalaxySeason 25
BattlefieldSeason 26
Ghost LightSeason 26
The Curse of Fenric Season 26
SurvivalSeason 26

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