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Instead of figuring out who wrote the Doctor Who episode, can you work out who was responsible behind the lens?

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Episode Name/sDirectorSeries of Episode
RoseSeries 1
The End of the WorldSeries 1
The Unquiet DeadSeries 1
Aliens of London/World War ThreeSeries 1
DalekSeries 1
The Long GameSeries 1
Father's DaySeries 1
The Empty Child/The Doctor DancesSeries 1
Boom TownSeries 1
Bad Wolf/Parting of the WaysSeries 1
The Christmas InvasionSeries 1 (Xmas 2005)
New EarthSeries 2
Tooth and ClawSeries 2
School ReunionSeries 2
The Girl in the FireplaceSeries 2
Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of SteelSeries 2
The Idiot's LanternSeries 2
The Impossible Planet/The Satan PitSeries 2
Love & MonstersSeries 2
Fear HerSeries 2
Army of Ghosts/DoomsdaySeries 2
The Runaway BrideSeries 2 (Xmas 2006)
Smith and JonesSeries 3
The Shakespeare CodeSeries 3
GridlockSeries 3
Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the DaleksSeries 3
The Lazarus ExperimentSeries 3
42Series 3
Human Nature/The Family of BloodSeries 3
BlinkSeries 3
UtopiaSeries 3
The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time LordsSeries 3
Voyage of the DamnedSeries 3 (Xmas 2007)
Partners in CrimeSeries 4
The Fires of PompeiiSeries 4
Planet of the OodSeries 4
The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison SkySeries 4
The Doctor's DaughterSeries 4
The Unicorn and the WaspSeries 4
Silence in the Library/Forest of the DeadSeries 4
Episode Name/sDirectorSeries of Episode
MidnightSeries 4
Turn LeftSeries 4
The Stolen Earth/Journey's EndSeries 4
The Next DoctorSeries 4 (Xmas 2008)
Planet of the DeadSeries 4 (Easter 2009)
The Waters of MarsSeries 4 (November 2009)
The End of TimeSeries 4 (Xmas 2009/New Years Day 2010)
The Eleventh HourSeries 5
The Beast BelowSeries 5
Victory of the DaleksSeries 5
The Time of Angels/Flesh and StoneSeries 5
The Vampires of VeniceSeries 5
Amy's ChoiceSeries 5
The Hungry Earth/Cold BloodSeries 5
Vincent and the DoctorSeries 5
The LodgerSeries 5
The Pandorica Opens/The Big BangSeries 5
A Christmas CarolSeries 5 (Xmas 2010)
The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the MoonSeries 6
The Curse of the Black SpotSeries 6
The Doctor's WifeSeries 6
The Rebel Flesh/The Almost PeopleSeries 6
A Good Man Goes to WarSeries 6
Let's Kill HitlerSeries 6
Night TerrorsSeries 6
The Girl Who WaitedSeries 6
The God ComplexSeries 6
Closing TimeSeries 6
The Wedding of River SongSeries 6
The Doctor, The Widow and the WardrobeSeries 6 (Xmas 2011)
Asylum of the DaleksSeries 7
Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipSeries 7
A Town Called MercySeries 7
The Power of ThreeSeries 7
The Angels Take ManhattanSeries 7
The SnowmenSeries 7 (Xmas 2012)
The Bells of Saint JohnSeries 7
The Rings of AkhatenSeries 7
Cold WarSeries 7
HideSeries 7
Episode Name/sDirectorSeries of Episode
Journey to the Centre of the TARDISSeries 7
The Crimson HorrorSeries 7
Nightmare in SilverSeries 7
The Name of the DoctorSeries 7
The Day of the DoctorSeries 7 (50th Anniversary)
The Time of the DoctorSeries 7 (Xmas 2013)
Deep BreathSeries 8
Into the DalekSeries 8
Robot of SherwoodSeries 8
ListenSeries 8
Time HeistSeries 8
The CaretakerSeries 8
Kill the MoonSeries 8
Mummy on the Orient ExpressSeries 8
FlatlineSeries 8
In the Forest of the NightSeries 8
Dark Water/Death in HeavenSeries 8
Last ChristmasSeries 8 (Xmas 2014)
The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's FamiliarSeries 9
Under the Lake/Before the FloodSeries 9
The Girl Who Died/The Woman Who LivedSeries 9
The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon InversionSeries 9
Sleep No MoreSeries 9
Face the RavenSeries 9
Heaven Sent/Hell BentSeries 9
The Husbands of River SongSeries 9 (Xmas 2015)
The Return of Doctor MysterioSeries 10 (Xmas 2016)
The PilotSeries 10
SmileSeries 10
Thin IceSeries 10
OxygenSeries 10
ExtremisSeries 10
The Pyramid at the End of the WorldSeries 10
The Lie of the LandSeries 10
The Empress of MarsSeries 10
The Eaters of LightSeries 10
World Enough and Time/The Doctor FallsSeries 10
Twice Upon a TimeSeries 10 (Xmas 2017)

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