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Can you name each Doctor Who companion in order?

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Forced Order
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First StoryCompanionGender
An Unearthly ChildFemale
An Unearthly ChildMale
An Unearthly ChildFemale
The RescueFemale
The ChaseMale
The Myth MakersFemale
The Daleks' Master PlanFemale
The Massacre of St Bartholomew's EveFemale
The War MachinesFemale
The War MachinesMale
The HighlandersMale
The Evil of the DaleksFemale
The Wheel in SpaceFemale
The Web of FearMale
Spearhead from SpaceFemale
Terror of the AutonsFemale
The InvasionMale
Terror of the AutonsMale
The Time WarriorFemale
The Face of EvilFemale
The Invisible EnemyDog
First StoryCompanionGender
The Ribos OperationFemale
Full CircleMale
The Keeper of TrakenFemale
Mawdryn UndeadMale
The King's DemonsAndroid
Planet of FireFemale
Terror of the VervoidsFemale
Doctor Who: The MovieFemale
The Empty ChildMale
Smith and JonesFemale
The Runaway BrideFemale
The Voyage of the DamnedMale
The Eleventh HourFemale
The Eleventh HourMale
Silence in the LibraryFemale
The Bells of Saint JohnFemale
The Husbands of River SongMale
The PilotFemale

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