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How well do you remember the second season of NCIS: Los Angeles?

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In 'Human Traffic', what was the name of Deeks' LAPD partner?
In 'Black Widow', what profession did Kensi use as a cover story to her friend?
'Special Delivery' marked the first appearance of which regular?
What phobia does Sam suffer from?
And what phobia does Kensi suffer from?
In 'Little Angels', what alias does Kensi use for her dating profile?
In which country did Sam get buried alive?
In 'Standoff', what was the name of the dog that Callen and Tracy had when working together as husband and wife?
In 'Bounty', what type of gun does Deeks have personal attachment to?
What is the name of Deeks' police dog?
In 'Disorder', what was the name of Kensi's ex-fiance?
In 'Lockup', what prison was Moe sent to?
Name either TV show that influenced Deeks to become a cop.
In 'Empty Quiver', name the service provided by CHP officers to escort criminals?
Name the country that Sam has not worked in that has been a location for a James Bond film?
Who was Deeks' father?
In 'Personal', who becomes Deeks' next of kin?
According to Sam, survival kits are for urban sissies who can't make a flotation device out of what?
In 'The Job', what reality show does Kensi love to watch?
'Rocket Man' marked the first time which member went out into the field?
What is the surname of Deeks' childhood friend/informant?
In 'Plan B.', what nickname does Ray give to Kensi?
In 'Imposters', what is Deeks' date of birth? (MM-DD-YYYY)
Who becomes Hetty's replacement?
In 'Familia', who is the head of the Comescu family?

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