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What is the name of the headquarters used by the undercover division of NCIS?
Who is the Special Agent in Charge?
Who is the Female Special Agent?
Who is the SEAL Special Agent?
Who is the Operations Manager?
Who is the Operational Psychologist?
Who is the Rookie Special Agent?
Who is the Technical Operator?
Name either main NCIS character who guest-starred in this season?
In 'Identity', according to Sam what did the headquarters used to be?
In 'The Only Easy Day', what is the appropriate Pavlovian response to being whistled at by Eric?
In 'Predator', what is the name of the naval weapon centre's visual query system?
In 'Killshot', what is the name of the 'graphic novel' Nate is reading?
In 'Pushback', what type of tea does Sam make for Hetty?
According to the ep 'Pushback', Arkady Kolcheck was the Russian contact for which operation?
According to Hetty, how many foster homes did Callen live in?
In 'Random on Purpose', what does Abby call the serial killer?
In 'Brimstone', what did Kensi dress up as for a Renaissance fair?
According to Hetty, who tried to make her 'his special Musketeer'?
According to Callen, Hetty + mechanical bull + tequila = what?
In 'Past Lives', what type of bobble head does Dominic have on his desk?
According to Hetty, what was one of Callen's favourite aliases?
In 'Missing', what song did Hetty perform at the karaoke bar?
In 'The Bank Job', how many times did Kensi get shot?
What is Hetty's most prized possession?
In 'Full Throttle', what is the name of the traffic school Callen is forced to attend?
'Hand-to-Hand' marks the first appearance of which future regular?
In 'Fame', what alias does Deeks give to Kensi?
In 'Burned', who was the intelligence dealer that burned Callen?
What was the name of Callen's sister?
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