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1 EyeMonsters, Inc.
Talking DogUp
Best Scarer in all of MonstropolisMonsters, Inc.
Piggy BankToy Story
Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-ClassWALL-E
Fast KidThe Incredibles
The 'i' in PixarEvery Pixar Movie
'Fish are friends not food'Finding Nemo
The only rodent that can cookRatatouille
Blue AntA Bug's Life
Always wanted to ride a helicopterCars
'To infinity and beyond'Toy Story
'There's a snake in my boot'Toy Story
The 2nd best scarerMonsters, Inc.
Hippie-like CarCars
Old Man With a DreamUp
Fat Guy Who Wants to Go Back to EarthWALL-E
Buzz's EnemyToy Story 2
Stretchy DogToy Story
DinosaurToy Story

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