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Can you name the different types of boxes?

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Box HintType of Box
Place where tickets are sold in a theatre
In a sporting event you can buy box _____
A fast food restaurant
Person who narrowly avoided the box; this object is used to cut boxes
Person who has been with the box, muhammad ali was one of these
Original Boxer nickname, or a play on words for the name of a classical music composer(he's typically associated with mozart and beethoven)
A 10 cent coupon on cereal boxes
Box HintType of Box
In statistics there are box and ______ plots
Place on a train where hobos may live
When rebounding in basketball, you may prevent the other person from getting the rebound by ________ _________
A movie released in 2009
The younger box, or a place to receive your postage
Saturday night live digital short featuring Justin Timberlake
A disney children's show in the late 1990's

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