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QUIZ: Can you name the Harry Potter A-Z II?

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The worst of the Unforgivable CursesA
Creator of Every-Flavor BeansB
Hermione's catC
The only class Hermione didn't takeD
Dobby, Winky, or KreacherE
Area near Hagrid's hut that is off-limitsF
The youngest Weasley siblingG
Thing that Voldemort made six ofH
Unforgivable Curse that gives you controlI
Harry's middle nameJ
The train station where the Hogwarts Express is caughtK
She gave Harry his eyesL
Teacher of TransfigurationM
Posessor of Sorcerer's StoneN
Anti-Voldemort group that meets at Grimmauld PlaceO
Ron's owl (full name)P
'Rubbish' magazineQ
1st name of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Harry's 3rd yearR
Item that resurrects peopleS
Maker of prophecy that is revealed in the Order of the PhoenixT
Where Hagrid's wand isU
Truth potionV
Dursley residence: Little _____W
Something NOT found at St. Mungo'sX
Nickname for Lord VoldemortY
First name of boy that Ron hatesZ

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