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Darkwing Duck's secret identity
Gosalyn's last name before being adopted
The Mallard's street address
The name of the banned episode
The other show Launchpad McQuack appeared on
The name of Darkwing's motorcycle
Leader of The Fearsome Five
The name of the city Darkwing protects
Darkwing's high school nickname
Darkwing's famous catch phrase
The name of Darkwing's plane
The Mallard's annoying neighbors
Megavot's nickname
Darkwing's main weapon
Secret spy organization that keeps Darkwing on retainer
Bushroot's pet Venus flytrap
Name of the first episode
Gosalyn's catch phrase
QuakerJack's favorite toy/sidekick
Video game and character frequently mentioned
Darkwing's love interest
FOWL's top agent
Popular hamburger spot in the city
Darkwing Tower is located on
QuakerJack's catch phrase
Megavolt's real name
Gosalyn's best friend
Paint-loving villainess
Darkwing leads this group of heroes
Creator of Darkwing Duck
What is The Liquidator's real name
The entrance to the Negaverse is through
Darkwing's famous entrance line
Darkwing Duck's voice actor
To travel from his home to Darkwing Tower, Darkwing presses on a statue of

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