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Can you name the animal that starts with the letter?

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ANot to be confused with crocodile
BBig teeth, cuts down trees
CHouse animal
DMan's best friend
EPoached for their teeth
FBright pink bird
GCan tell if winter's here to stay
HAnimals used in racing
ILizard used as pet
JBig spotted cat
KCarries young in pouch
LParasitic jawless fish
MOften used in labratories
NWhale with giant horn on head
OKnown as killer whales
PEats bamboo all day long
QMid sized bird of the pheasant family
RWile E. Coyote and
SGiant cartilaginous carnivore
THard shelled reptile
USea animals prickly like hedgehogs
VSmall rodent resembling a mouse
WLike bees but sting more
XGenus of a bird found in Mexico
YLong haired bovine found in himalayas
ZWhite stripes or black stripes?

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