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DescriptionMutationOrigin Game
Huge, muscular zombie that smashes your character if he gets close, or hurtles cars on concrete at you from afarLeft 4 Dead
Young girl. cries in a corner, uses deadly nails when disturbedLeft 4 Dead
Hooded figure that leaps like a frog, very fast, jumps onto enemies then slashes their chestLeft 4 Dead
Tall, polluted air surrounds it, grabs you with its stretched tongue then strangles you from compressed lungsLeft 4 Dead
Very large with a boil covered face, vomits upon you, vomit attracts a horde, then runs. Explodes if shotLeft 4 Dead
One tiny arm, one huge arm, fastest zombie, runs in a straight line, smashes when it grabs someoneLeft 4 Dead 2
Woman, very limber, walks oddly, and shoots streams of green acid at the feet of the survivorsLeft 4 Dead 2
Small, gremlin-like, grabs ahold of a survivor and tries to steer it into danger while clawing his/her eyesLeft 4 Dead 2
Slow, but very strong and hard to kill. One punch can knock you downDead Island
Large boils covering the upp-body, explodes when you get near itDead Island
Very obese, attacks by Vomiting acid onto your character, tends to live in waterDead Island
Long white-haired zombie with sharpened bones sticking out of both arms. Uses bones at a way to slice at your charactersDead Island
Very tall zombie, restrained in a straight jacket, charges into your characterDead Island
Brown, fast, and alien, is able to infect both humans and covenantHalo Combat Evolved
Often shown as large, brown, tentacles, a leader that can telepathically communicated with Master ChiefHalo Combat Evolved
Canines that are often on fire, attack by charging and bitingCall of Duty: World At War
Releases smoke as it moves on four legs, no obvious eyes, huge mouth, attacks by swiping and biting Call of Duty: Black Ops
Does not hurt you, crazed madman who robs you of your current gunCall of Duty: Black Ops
DescriptionMutationOrigin Game
Occassionally land in space-ships, and then steal your perks. Attack by jumping, then slamming onto the groundCall of Duty: Black Ops
Creates a large, blinding blaze as it shambles toward you. Will explode when close to playerCall of Duty: Black Ops
Runs very fast, greyed, yells loudly causing diorientation. Explodes if shotCall of Duty: Black Ops
Grabs hold of player, smashes head into player, teleports player, and finally steals all of the players perks. Clothed in a space-suitCall of Duty: Black Ops
Created by turning on the power, is hard to see and composed of electricity. Is able to stop the bus, but can be destroyed with EMP grenadesCall of Duty: Black Ops II
Small, monkey-like with huge heads, grab onto your characters face if they attempt to cross the land by foot. Attacks by clawing at your eyes, but can be used to teleportCall of Duty: Black Ops II
Small, fast, froglike, these creatures jump wall to wall as they stalk you in Die RiseCall of Duty: Black Ops II
A large, fast guard in Alcatraz that follows you, destroying equipment and perks as you pass by themCall of Duty: Black Ops II
Pretends to be dead as it floats in waterDead Island: Riptide
Sends out ear-piercing calls to diorent you and attract zombiesDead Island: Riptide
Very large, uses its over-sized are to smash youDead Island: Riptide
Rips off chunks of its highly explosive body to throw at youDead Island: Riptide

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