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Can you name the GTA IV and Episodes Characters?

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Main Character of GTA IV
Main Character of TLAD
Main Character of TBoGT
Comical Optimist, Cousin Of Main in GTA IV
Main Antagonist of GTA IV
Married To Roman
Rich Antagonist
Jamaican Arms Dealer and Friend
Irish Friend
Steroid Using Muscle-Head Friend
Old School Gangster
Irish Girlfriend
In A Relationship With the Mayor
High Up In The Pegorino Family
Only Seen in a Hospital
First Antagonist To Be Met
Mentored By One Of The Friends
Shoots The Cousin
Dirty Cop
Italian Caporegime
Irish Older Brother
Irish Friend's Brother
Films Himself
Puerto Rican Drug Dealer
First Leader of The Lost
Treasurer of The Lost
Secretary of The Lost
Ex-Girlfriend Drug Addict
Sergeant-At-Arms of The Lost
Road Captain of The Lost
Member of The Lost in a Wheelchair
Member of The Lost Killed by Niko
Runs Hercules and Maisonette 9
Comical Arabic Luxury-Lover
Main Antagonist in TBoGT
First Met On The Driving Range
Brucie's Older Brother
Childhood Friend of Luis
Childhood Friend of Luis
Kidnapped At One Point
Tony's Boyfriend

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