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This document puts forth the first ten amendments to the US Constitution.1791
This document allowed the admission of new states in the Northwest Territory into the United States and so progressed America's westward expansion.1787
This series of essays argued for the ratification of the US Constitution.1788
This document is a famous speech given by President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War era concerning human equality.1863
This document, signed by womens' rights activists at the Seneca Falls Convention, listed the grievances of women and voiced their demand for change.1848
This document was issued by President Abraham Lincoln and used to free confederate slaves during the Civil War era.1863
This document established the organization of legal authority and creation of national government.1787
This document was used as a source of independence for America to become its own country with being a part of Great Britain1776
This document was the precursor to the US Constitution and legally established the union of the states.1781
This document prohibits European colonization in the Western Hemisphere and states that the US will allow already established European colonies to exist undisturbed.1830
This document was drafted by pilgrims coming to America who were in search for religious freedom and was the guide lines to governing the Plymouth Colony.1620

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