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Forced Order
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'I make the rules now'
'Experience outranks everything'
'A future where there are no Jedi'
'Keep playing with your droids'
'Maybe next time I'll come alone'
'There is no such thing as luck'
'Isn't it remarkable that one can have all the power in the galaxy and yet the words of a single senator can sway the thoughts of millions?'
'And now, the student will kill the master'
'I don't want to end up a wall decoration'
'I am no longer naive enough to be a Jedi'
'We will start with revenge'
'I tend to be popular with the ladies'
'For generations my ancestors fought proudly as warriors against the Jedi'
'This is not the work of a Sith Lord or a Jedi, but a reckless, impulsive animal'
'We really don't have to be enemies'
'Not when I hold all the cards'
'You have come home to us'
'Speak softly and drive a big tank'
'The Jedi code prevents them from going far enough to achieve victory'
'Sometimes things are just that important'

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