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Hanami, whose literal meaning is “to view flowers,” is the traditional practice of having parties underneath ____ blossom trees.Cherry
New life is the focus of Cimburijada, or Festival of Scrambled ____.Eggs
On Whuppity Scoorie, children run around the town church making noise and waving paper balls. One theory suggests that it originated from the desire to ward off evil ____.Spirits
Poor Frosty! On Sechseläuten, a ____ called Böögg is set ablaze.Snowman
Bloemencorso Bollenstreek is a 12-hour-long parade that features floats decorated with bulb flowers such as daffodils, hyacinths, and the country's famed ____.Tulips
On the first day of spring, dolls (called Marzanna) representing winter are created; they are then brought to a lake, pond, or river and ____, symbolizing winter's demise. Drowned
In a tribute to the colors of spring, Holi celebrants spray each other with colored powder and water using conveyances such as water ____ and water guns.Balloons
Floriade, a flower festival that also features art exhibits and concerts, began in 1988 as a commemoration of Australia's 200th anniversary, or ____.Bicentennial
During the month of March, people wear bracelets called martinitsas; these are worn until the first sign of spring -- a stork or a ____ in bloom -- is seen.Tree
Two main events of Falles, a week-long celebration, are the creation of, and later burning of, ninots, which is Valencian for dolls or ____.Puppets

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