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Random Television or Lost (ABC) Quiz

The first names of “LOST” characters are hidden in the following sentences. Can you find them?

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SentenceFirst Name
Alan, Julie, Tasha, and Xander went to Stanford together.
Kelvin, centigrade, and Fahrenheit are all units of measurement.
“The Arctic char lies just below the river's surface,” intoned the narrator of “Fantastic Fish and Where to Find Them.”
J.J. acknowledged Carlton and Damon in his acceptance speech.
“Morgan, we hug only people we know,” Mrs. Asher explained to her overly-friendly little girl.
Jerry's uncle Leo was fond of enthusiastic greetings.
Quokka territory ranges only from mainland Western Australia to several islands off the coast.
The half-eaten eclair ended up in the garbage...and from there, in George's mouth.
For Vanessa, Yiddish lessons were a way to connect to her heritage.
“To, not to be,” William muttered indecisively.
“Dumbo? One of my favorites!” Shira smiled when she found out what movie the library would be showing.
“Raj? Oh, not again,” Lexie groaned upon being told that her persistent admirer was on the phone.
Seeing the beautiful rainbow altered Liz's mood.
“Me, anemic? Ha!” Eliza laughed in disbelief.
“Sh, Ann. Once the movie starts, you'll have to stop talking,” Mr. Au whispered.
An emoji needs to capture the mood of a conversation.
“Les Andes? Mon Dieu!” Cosette exclaimed when she learned where her mountain-climbing club planned to go next.
On my toast, I like jam, especially if it contains whole strawberries.

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