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The last names of “LOST” characters are hidden in the following sentences. Can you find them?

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Forced Order
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SentenceLast NameFirst Name
“Pa, Celia ate all the porridge,” Andrew complained.
“Wilbur, keep going!” cheered Charlotte.
Caitlin used to enjoy flying, but not since watching that show about a plane crash!
“The truth? Er, for Devils games, I like to paint my face,” Puddy admitted to Elaine.
“I loved 'The Bell Jar,'” Raheema told her English professor.
“Maybe if you hum, everything will seem better!” chirped Olivia, always the optimist.
“Doesn't Sherlock ever get anything wrong?” marveled Watson.
“Those little tonsils can cause big problems,” grumbled George around mouthfuls of ice cream.
“Seesaw, margery daw,” Sonya sang.
Carly led her friends in a spirited rendition of “Happy Birthday.”
Puck won the spelling bee with the word “Shakespearean.”
Santa Claus tends to his reindeer when he's not delivering presents.
Shep hardly ever took the train to work, preferring instead to walk.
“Bacall, Loy, Davis, and both Hepburns were some of our greatest actresses,” opined the film critic.
“Premature, yes, but healthy,” Dr. K. assured a relieved Rebecca and Jack.
“We're going to have pizza for dinner!” Shira exclaimed happily.

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